Responsible Gambling

Loss Limit

Is this limit only applicable to my PartyCasino account?

PartyCasino is part of the Entain Group which is one of the largest gambling corporations in the world. Depending on the reason for the limit, it may apply across all Entain companies and brands.

Which companies may be included in my limit?

Entain companies that may be included in your limit are as follows:

We endeavour to identify accounts that you hold within the Entain Group based on the identical match of name, address and date of birth.

What is affordable gambling?

We encourage our customers to always gamble with what they can afford. We sometimes perform non-invasive checks when we have reason to suspect a customer might be spending more than they can afford. If such checks indicate an intervention might be required, we may limit deposits and ask the customer for more information via a simple form.

Why are you running a credit check on me?

We do not run credit checks on customers. We do, however, use information from credit reference agencies such as TransUnion and Experian, along with other data to help us make the right decision and ensure your gambling is safe and affordable for you.

What will appear on my credit file?

The affordable gambling checks we do are not full credit checks and therefore, will not appear on any records that other businesses will see. You will be able to see this on your own file; this enables you to keep track of which companies have done searches. It will have no impact on your credit score or future applications.

Will any spending limits be imposed?

We may place a monthly Loss Limit on your account based on certain spending behaviour or levels of loss.

What is a Loss Limit?

A Loss Limit is calculated by taking your total deposits minus total withdrawals over a certain period of time.

Monthly Loss Limits are reset on the first day of each calendar month. Annual Loss Limits are generally reset on the 1st of January each year, although sometimes a rolling 12-month calculation may be applied and we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

How does a Loss Limit differ from a Deposit Limit?

A Loss Limit is calculated by taking your total deposits minus total withdrawals over a certain period of time.

A Deposit Limit restricts your deposits without accounting for any withdrawals.

Can I still receive bonuses and participate in promotions while I have a Loss Limit?

Yes, you can still enjoy bonuses and promotions, but you cannot deposit above your Loss Limit.